Holden Home Inspection Services of Fayeteville
"And the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against the house; and yet it did not fall for it had been founded on the rock."
Matthew 7:25

West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Florida's Most Trusted Home Inspector

Holden Home & Commercial Inspection Services will provide written communication describing the issues discovered from observations made and research conducted by the inspector, which, in the inspector’s opinion, are likely to be of interest to his/her client, and to enhance the client’s information and knowledge about the home or commercial property, to improve decision-making for buying, selling, maintaining or improving the property.

Home Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Condo Inspections

Backed By Certifications

Comprehensive Work

We speak your language and let you know the most important items we find.

Dependable Care

We inspect your home as if it were our own.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver exceptional value for reasonable prices.

Great Support

Ask us anything before, during, or after your inspection.

Strong Experience

Experience is the greatest teacher. We use ours so you can learn about your home.

Quality Reports

A modern report so you can know what issues to address immediately.

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